Saturday, July 15, 2006

Patricia Urquiola Lazy Seating Collection

Designed both for outdoor and indoor use, this seat has a metal frame and can be converted from a small armchair into a chaise longue.

Patricia Urquiola Digitable

Small tables in white or black "water jet" drilled bleach, characterized by a "U" curved shape and a particular pattern obtain through a water shearing.

Patricia Urquiola Fat-Fat Table

Clear oriental inspiration for the collection of tables with tray in the same finishes described, with frames also available in a bright chromed version and designed for casual multipurpose environments.

Patricia Urquiola Lens Tables

Lens tables and small tables are the result of a study on the theme of a transparent surface with enhanced depth. The outcome is an attractive combination of two crystals with a special film applied between them.

Patricia Urquiola Lens Bookcase

Like all tables and small tables in the collection, the small Lens bookcase features a back made up of two sheets of glass with a special film inside, which create a clear surface full of depth and a kaleidoscopic effect reminiscent of leadsealed glass façades in 18th century Venetian palaces.